Booking System for Shuttle Flights

Aer Arann is an airline that carries passengers from the Irish mainland to three small islands along the coast.
They were taking customer bookings via phone call or over the counter interactions.
However, management sought to bring the business forward with an online approach.

Aer Arann Islands


Project Type

Web App

  • Concept and Design
  • ReactJS Custom development
  • Integration to existing WordPress website
  • Backend access
Project Features
  • Booking System for shuttle flights and buses
  • Booking fee based on the passenger category
  • Different flight time table for for weekdays, weekends and Bank holidays
  • Online payment
  • Booking receipts
  • Booking Notifications
  • Backend access to update flight and bus schedule, bank holidays, fares and manage bookings

What We Delivered

We helped Aer Arann take their businesses next step by delivering on a fully customized online booking app. This drove bookings up the moment it went live and has become the main feature of the company’s site.

Aer Arann Islands first appointed Grafton Digital to exclusively manage our website in May 2021. During that time, they have demonstrated professionalism combined with an energetic and knowledgeable response to our changing needs. Many of these were mitigated by Grafton Digital whose understanding of our needs together with an enthusiastic and rapid provision of solutions was of great benefit to the company.

Jarlath Conneely