Software Development Process

Here are the five key pillars of our delivery process



Budget Control​

Grafton Digital understands the importance of budget predictability. We've devised effective techniques to keep your spending on track.

Project Planning

A Project Planning Session precedes any development effort. Our experts will examine the project's goals and design a delivery strategy with you.

Executive Meetings

We will hold executive meetings throughout the project to analyse key KPIs and inform you of major advancements.



Project Scoping: Defining the project’s scope, methods, and standards. 

Analysis & Design: Analysing requirements, designing the architecture, and building the user experience and interface. 

Development: Each phase creates shippable products. We test User Stories and fix mistakes. 

Testing: Clients review a version before deployment. 

Evaluation: We demonstrate and evaluate the final version to ensure it meets project goals.


Quality Focused

Robust project planning process that includes defining scope, setting milestones, prioritising tasks, and providing regular reporting.

Project Planning & Control

Grafton Digital defines the project's scope, sets milestones, prioritises tasks, and provides periodic reporting.

Code Reviews

Reviewing code with at least two team members guarantee the highest work quality. This facilitates several perspectives and problem-solving before deployment.

Automated Tests

We prioritise automated testing for important business logic to ensure quality and reliability.

Testing Levels

Unit, integration, system, and end-to-end testing ensures programme functionality.



Scaling Your Team

Grafton Digital understands the need of extending your personnel as your company grows. Thus, you can start with a smaller team and add people as needed. Our developers receive a thorough briefing from the project manager before working on client projects, ensuring consistent knowledge.

Scalable Cloud Infrastructure

Our developers can help you build a secure, scalable cloud infrastructure to grow your website with your business.
This ensures your website is ready for future traffic and demand.



Remote Collaboration: We recognise that the Product Owner and development team must collaborate to generate high-quality software. Thus, our Agile Team needs you. 

Transparent communication: As Product Owner, you will constantly know the development status and have full control over the product.
Use our tools, channels, development environments, and other resources to ship the project successfully.

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